Unearth brand value

Nothing dilutes the investment you make in your brand more quickly, than sending mixed messages to the market.

We engage with clients on a ‘program of work’ basis that is structured around their product or service objectives. Our methodologies support the need to build value in the brand so that you deliver a consistent message to the market.

A passion for realising business benefits and our familiarity with complex IT environments drives our approach to integrated marketing programs.

In the initial workshop we would review the role played by key stakeholders and identify what customer centric systems you have in place or would like to develop. Our methods provide a structure to integrated marketing that ensures transparency of the process and buy-in from company stakeholders.

Brand value depends on buyer perceptions. Nothing undermines this value more quickly than sending mixed messages to the market. In a Willow Consulting workshop a client identified that their software products were quite often positioned as a house of brands as well as a branded house. As a result their marketing message was diluted and confused stakeholders.

As an outcome of this workshop Willow Consulting implemented an integrated communication plan that positioned the company and products as a branded house. The brand value was no longer eroded and the sales process was supported by the improved communication immediately.

Call or email us today to see how Willow Consulting can provide an integrated marketing communication plan that will become an integral part of your go to market strategy. Together we can unearth more value in your brand and achieve business objectives.